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The Plant Proteomics Portal (TPPP)

TPPP is an image-based proteomics database of the Plant Proteomics department / Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Plant Proteomics Division

The group of Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Braun investigates plant organelles with a special focus on mitochondrial protein complexes. Additionally, central aspects of plant biology are studied on a proteomic level, e.g. seed filling processes and plant pathogen interactions. More information can be found here

Featured Projects

Arabidopsis thaliana Cyclamen persicum Medicago truncatula

Cyclamen persicum: Christina Rode, Hans-Peter Braun, Traud Winkelmann.
Arabidopsis thaliana: Jennifer Klodmann, Hans-Peter Braun.
Medicago truncatula: Frank Colditz, Hans-Peter Braun.

The image database was realized with the GelMap software package